• 4 June 2024
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I am currently testing the sonos ace. I am testing the bass, clarity, soundstage on all different kinds of genres of music. On all kinds of video players.


I got it already since the midday. I am still listening. I wrote already in depth experiences about the device, the specs, my background with music on all kinds of reviews anonymously.


so I was really looking forward to this bad boy. Because I was in the market for an new Bluetooth headphone. And actually also for the arc. I am waiting on an arc 2 reveal. Before i invest in the eco system. So I can’t test the Dolby atmos/spatial audio/head tracking/true cinema.


that being said normally I never watch movies. But I had to test everything. And I discovered already an bug. I don’t know if this is because an old software or hardware limitation. But the music works flawlessly. YouTube and even 18+ videos for research purposes did not disappoint😂.


anyways I am currently in detox. I had an iPod classic but i buy all the time new music so I had to use my old detox iPhone. I can’t use the sonos app because I am on iOS 15.8 but no big deal. 

this detox iphone has an broken mic and no response on the input of audio jacks/lightning. So I only could use Bluetooth. With the sonos ace everything feels again fresh.


so I tested already 14 hours of music. The bass is very good. The clarity is top notch. The balance between mid/high/low and bass did not disappoint. Everything is clear and I hear a lot of detail thanks to the 8 channel custom acoustic  40 mm drivers. You really hear the fast balance thanks to this multiple acoustic chambers.


anyways. I wanted to know the frequency range. But after using them now already for 14+ hours non stop I can safely say that I am sold on the audio quality, the design. Even the active noice cancelling surprised me. First I thought it was an on or off button. But in the manual it saids that it cycles trough anc and aware modus. Only with the app I can make it custom.


they don’t clamp. They are sturdy. Really premium. Only the case feels cheap. In terms of performance. 


my previous headphone was an professional studio-dj headphone from another brand. Had 50 mm drivers and 48000 frequency range. But they were bulky, had no Bluetooth. And not that much bass. So I don’t know. But this is probably the perfect first Sonos product purchase of me. That definitely will convince me to buy more products in the future.


anyways. So I discovered an bug. Where the team of sonos can look into. The Apple TV app built in player has low volume. If you put it on 100% procent it feels not loud at all. You don’t have the immersion due lack of high volume.

not an big deal. Because i barely Watch movies. And YouTube works perfect. But still something that can be annoying for people that like to watch movies in the app. Because these purchases are tied on that app. You can off course try an third party player. Will test that later.


that’s all for now. Just want to give me 2 cents. I also signed up for the beta program. But due nda you can’t talk about that. I wanted to give feedback. But you need an active project before you can do that. So just wanted to share this feedback here so that you can improve this awesome product. In april 2025 I will probably an iPhone 16 pro. So then I can start to use the app. And later when the arc 2 will be revealed one day. Then I definitely will buy it. 


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“YouTube and even 18+ videos for research purposes did not disappoint😂.” OMG TMI

Je kunt er nog weinig van zeggen dus. Dit is overigens de Nederlandstalige community. Waarom schrijf je in het Engels?