surround met 1 rear speaker

  • 7 October 2017
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I own a play5 gen2.
Soon will be added a playbar and sub.

basically behind the main chair is no room for 2 speakers functioning as surround.

2 questions.
-can you have 1 speaker play5 gen2 at the back, in combination with playbar and sub for the surround effect (not optimal, but does it work ?)
-if you need to have two rear speakers, do they have to be the same or can you combine a play5 gen2 with a play1 ?

Thanks in advance!

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Only 2 speakers will function as surround speakers, since 1 is dedicated for Left(rear) and the other as Right(rear).
Only 2 the same model speakers can be placed in such a setup.
So 1 Play:5 and 1 Play:1 as surround speakers will not work.
thanks! So I will get a 2nd play5 and just make it work in the livingroom setup with playbar and sub.
Very pleased with the sonos play5 gen2!