My google assistant tells me the room is not available

I just recently installed google assistant on my Sonos one speaker.
I works just perfectly most of the time.
Just now I started playing some music on my speacker via the Sonos app. After that I asked Google to switch to another song.
It would say: "Ok, here's a playlist by the Beatles" and then it says right after: "It looks like the bedroom (the room) is not available right now"
How do I fix this?

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This community is specifically targeted at a Dutch audience, so you can post your questions in Dutch here, or visit http://en.community.sonos.com.

There currently is a system outage in Google Assistant voice control of Sonos, that could be causing your issues. Anyway, since Google Assistant on Sonos will not be officially rolled out to the Netherlands until July, I don't think this is the place to look for support. For that, you would also fare better on the international community.

You can also have a look here. Besides outages, your issues could also be caused by naming conflicts.
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Have the same problem, yesterday it worked, now I also get that not available remark
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Please see our status page.
Can not mention much more till we officially support it in the Netherlands.
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problem solved since yesterday afternoon, very satisfied with voice control!


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