Airplay 2 volume probleem

  • 6 augustus 2020
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iOS - AirPlay 2 to any Sonos device or Apple TV 4K

With Sound Check enabled, the first song fails to engage Sound Check, and plays at its original volume. When playback continues into the next song, Sound Check engages and sets the volume, usually lower (you can check how much the adjustment is by right clicking on a song, Get Info, File tab on Apple Music on the desktop). If at any point playback is interrupted in any way, whether by seeking within the track, pausing/playing, skipping to a different track, or even a dropout due to network latency, Sound Check becomes disengaged and the original volume returns. On some very loud tracks, this can be quite shocking and upsetting! I’ve reported this to Apple but I haven’t heard back.

Ik heb dit probleem ook ,  afspelen album of lijst Apple Music via Airplay2 naar Sonos.


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