Trouble connecting Playbase via wifi.

  • 11 June 2022
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As of a few days i have trouble connecting my playbase to sonos. I have read through the community pages of other people having the same problem. It all came down to sending a diagnostic report. 
The problem that i am facing is that the playbase cant be seen in the app when its not connected to a ethernet cable. I have followed all the steps that where out there to possibly fix the issue, but nothing worked. The other sonos players that we have function accordingly.  
Now i am no expert but thought it could either be that the wifi card could be broken or there could be something wrong with the router and ip adresses.  
After all i thought it would be wise to contact customer support with the diagnostics id that i have send via the app to get some clarification. 


The id is: 448452295


thanks in advance!

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Sonos behandelt hier geen diagnoses; daarvoor moet je even bellen. Lijkt inderdaad een kapotte wifikaart.