SONOS please, step up your game! Desktop controller UI is a shame: looking like a bad design from the 90'ies.

  • 4 September 2018
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It seems there never has been a design update to the SONOS desktop controller since it was first launched. The UI is terribly outdated and has many UI inconsistencies and cumbersome handling. What is it that keeps SONOS from building a better looking UI? As much effort as they put in the design of their hardware (except from the PLAY3, that has the same design-signature as the desktop controller UI 🙂 and the mobile controller, can't they spare some development resources to stop making a fool out of the product-family by - literally - not updating the looks (or allowing for 3rd party 'skins' like the old MP3 players) to be implemented?

SONOS please, step up your game!

Thnx, Stefan
(a listener that enjoys some basic visual aesthetics too : ))

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Waarom zijn er Engelstalige forums? Ga daar lekker klagen.
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Ik denk dat je de beta versie hebt. Die is nogal "uitgekleed" tijdens de testperiode.