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  • 3 December 2016
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I just added a Sub to my two Play 1's in my living room, great sound! I was using the beta program and i could not get into the EQ settings. I read on this forum that that was because of the beta program, so I downgraded tonight. Now I cannot update the Sonos system anymore...It works but I still cannot change the EQ and manage the Sub now. The update has gone wrong for multiple times now and it says error code 9. What is that. I already restarted my Bridge and re installed the Sonos app but that does not solve a thing... Any answer?

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Error 9 is that downgrade issue that's been passing along the forum. I've seen Sonos representatives say it should be solved in an upcoming patch. Until then, you can probably just call the support line to get them to already fix it for you.