Cannot play Radio Nostalgia anymore

  • 16 April 2016
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I cannot play Radio Nostalgia (NL) anymore and I don't know why.
Does someone know the reason ?
I'm unable to contact the station, that's why I ask it at this forum.

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Hi Yvie and welcome to the Sonos community!

I've just checked the station, I listen to it every now and then myself. It worked fine on my Sonos, so if you still have an issue, you might want to contact the support team?
Thanks for your response, CrusaderElly. However, I think you've listened to another station as in the meantime I've contacted Tuneln and they told me the station has been removed after a complaint.
I have no clue what that complaint could be as the station is still online and can be listened to through internet.
Anyway, maybe it will be available on Sonos/Tuneln again in the near future.
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If you have a PC or Mac with the Sonos controller software installed, you can use this URL to manually add Radio Nostalgia to "My Radio Stations"...

That would be great, Mike. I will try it as soon as I'm home again.
That would be great, Mike. I will try it as soon as I'm home again.
Well done MikeV. I just couldn't isolate the streaming URL

Yvie - Here are the instructions for adding a station manually - it's very easy. Tried it and it works for MikeV's link.

I'm assuming its the right station - looks like it is - Radio Nostalgia Amsterdam.

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I was listening to this one: http://tunein.com/radio/NPO-Radio-5-Nostalgia-non-stop-s100876/

Hm, turns out there is more NL Nostalgia's.. ^^ Either way, MikeV's suggestion sounds wonderful!
Thanks too, John ! Saves me some researchtime on the Sonos Support webpage 🙂.

To CrusaderElly: That indeed is another station. Also Dutch but different.

Thank you all for your response and enjoy your day !!
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I got the URL by going to radio-nostalgia.nl, clicking on the Winamp link to play the station, then opening the resulting .m3u file to get the URL to the streaming server. Hopefully it's the one you're looking for!
I'm convinced it's the right one, thanks again.
Bij mij doet Nostalgie het sinds kort niet meer terwijl jullie topic al van 11 mnd eerder is. Heb veel aan jullie uitleg gehad en heb de originele France Nostalgie weer terug via de site van www.hendrikjansen.nl . Zijn site staat vol met url's van radiostations. Heel fijn:$
Sorry' didn't realize it was in English... Since a short while my Nostalgie didn't play anymore. With help of your discusions I managed to install the new url with the original France Nostalgie. A great help for me was the site of www.hendrikjansen.nl. His site contains many many radiostream url's.